Why Buy your Cemetery Marker from Faith Monuments;
1. Help with Cemetery Regulations
We are familiar with area cemeteries and work closely with them to ensure your memorial meets their criteria.
2. Memorial Craftsmanship & Installation
Our skilled craftsman are industry trained to craft your memorial with the highest quality and detail. Our experienced setters are professionally trained to set foundations and memorials.
3. Customization and Personalization Options
We work directly with granite quarries from all over the world to offer the latest granite colors. We will help you select the right style of memorial and assist you in every detail of your memorial. Choose from hundreds of standard design elements or we can create a personalized carving or laser etched design from your photographs. We also offer an extensive line of bronze memorials in individual or companion sizes.
***Faith Monuments specializes in custom made monument designs. The cemetery, private and public memorials we make fit the specific needs and requirements of a particular person or organization. The monument size, the memorial shape, the granite color and the personalized artwork are all tailor-made to comply with the exact requests of our customers. We offer many options to customize and personalize your cemetery marker including personalized engraving, etched portraits, porcelain portraits, etched scenes, epitaphs, flower and floral vases, bronze accents, bronze letters and bronze attachments.
4. Cremation Memorial Options
From cremation benches to decorative boulders; our cremation memorials can be placed in a cemetery or your backyard, we have numerous options with full customization.
5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We provide 100% guarantee on all memorial products. If you are dissatisfied, we will fix or replace the memorial to your satisfaction. We guarantee against defects in craftsmanship, quality, cracking and discoloration of granites for a lifetime.
**There is nothing like the Peace of Mind that comes from knowing you have purchased your memorial from a Trusted Company, Faith Monuments.