Cremation Memorials

Cremation Memorials

A Fitting Memorial
Simply because you or a loved one has chosen to be cremated, you don’t need to limit your memorial choices to an urn. Any monument style can be transformed into a cremation memorial. The only difference between a traditional monument and a cremation memorial is the chamber in the base for placement of the urn.

This simple design feature provides you with all of the same design choices for your memorial. You can select from a flat or bevel design as well as a cremation pillar. In addition to traditional or modern monuments, bench monuments are also available for cremation memorials.


Each of these lasting granite monuments can be placed in a traditional cemetery or family burial ground. They provide a permanent tribute to the life you or a loved one led and keeps memories alive for generations to come.

Adorn Your Memorial Garden
We also have cremation memorials that are appropriate for private gardens. You can select from garden urns or a garden set consisting of a small bench and birdbath. They are designed so that only one or two people are needed to install them in a garden.

More people are electing to be cremated, and more options for cremation memorials are now available than ever before. We at Faith Monuments are committed to providing you with the same quality of service as those who choose traditional burial.

We will walk you through the same design process as for traditional cemetery monuments. You will have the same choices of granite, lettering styles, carvings, embellishments, and photographic engravings.

We Address Your Pre-Needs
Please call us for a consultation so we can assist you with finding the cremation memorial that best expresses your wishes for your final resting place. The decisions you make today in quiet reflection will comfort your loved ones later in their time of grief.

Contact us to discuss your monument needs.

We have many customizable options to choose from, let us help you find the best solution for your needs.