Granite Memorials

Granite Memorials

Quaint Elegance
Granite memorials are a common alternative to monuments. We offer a wide variety of flush, bevel or slant memorials. Although granite memorials are generally smaller in scale than monuments, they offer the same quality of craftsmanship and the same options for personalizing the memorial.

What to Expect In the Design Process
Unless cemetery regulations dictate a specific style of granite memorial, we will explain the options available to you. In brief, a flush memorial is a flat, level slab of granite. A bevel memorial provides a beveled edge, while a slant memorial provides a raised profile. 

As with the design process for a monument, we can help you select the proper size for the memorial based upon cemetery lot size, the number of people included in the memorial, and the regulations of the cemetery.

No less than for an upright monument, you have the same choices of color for the granite. You can view samples of the variety of granites from quarries around the world as well as from the United States in our showroom. You are sure to find a perfect type of granite to express the qualities of your loved one. 

Once you have settled on the granite memorial style and color, we will help you choose from the numerous styles of lettering as well as any carvings, sentiments, religious symbols, civic and military emblems, or photographic reproductions you would like to include in the design.  

Schedule a Consultation
The granite memorial you design will honor your loved one for generations to come. We understand that many people have never yet had to face making decisions regarding a memorial. If possible, we invite you to schedule a consultation with us before your need arises. Making these decisions can be difficult even in the best of times. We would like to help you get started today.

Granite Colors

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