Steps for Purchasing Cemetery Gravestones & Tombstones
1) Know your Cemetery Gravestone Rules: Check your cemetery regulations about the gravestone size, dimension, and the type of headstones they allow. Most cemeteries only allow granite and bronze gravestones, headstones, tombstones and monuments. Find out whether the cemetery offers gravestone foundation and installation services. If not, your local monument company can provide these services after purchasing your gravestone.

2) Select a local Monument Company: A reputable local Monument Company will assist you in the selection and design of your gravestone. Monument companies specialize in designing cemetery markers and monuments. Knowledgeable memorialists will help guide you through your every step of the process. Ensuring you to select the perfect memorial for your loved one. Additionally, local dealers offer you the advantage of “seeing what you’re buying” vs. purchasing from a website or catalog. Visit the monument dealer’s website to review their testimonials. You can also check their credibility by contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to find out if any complaints or reports have been lodged against them.
** Choose a local monument company based on their reputation, customer service and guarantee.

3) Material selection: options will include granite, bronze, marble and limestone. However, most cemeteries will require granite or bronze headstones because of their durability, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance. Marble and limestone markers, look nice, but the engravings will fade over a period of time due to various environmental factors. Again, your local monument company can recommend the appropriate material based on the memorial type and cemetery rules.

4) Memorial Design: Decide on the type of memorial, design, and inscription that you want on the gravestone or tombstone. Your local monument company can assist you by providing various samples, design and inscription options. You will select the shape, style, and design of the gravestone based on the interests of your loved one. Engravings, symbols & portraits will allow you to personalize your gravestone or monument.
To get more information on how to buy a memorial or monument read this from the Monument Builders of North America (MBNA).